Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Calling all summer students and adventurers!

Ovoo worship site with khadag (photo: E. Platts, 2014)
This summer the Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads (CSEN) is offering two educational field programs in Mongolia: the Southern Bulgan Province program and the Ar Janchivlan Valley & Khentii Province program.  While the application deadline for the Southern Bulgan Province program has already passed, the Ar Janchivlan Valley & Khentii Province program is accepting applications until July 15th!

Surveying a Bronze-Age khirigsuur complex en route to Baldan Bereeven monastery,
Khentii Province (photo: E. Platts, 2014)
The program is designed for students, enthusiasts, and adventurers who want a substantive introduction to Mongolia through field experiences and educational content (focused primarily on archaeology but including ethnography, religion, history, and a bit of Mongolian language) over a 10-day period.

Bronze-Age burial on the high slopes of the sacred peak, Bayan Tsogt (Ar Janchivlan Valley, Tuv Province) (photo: E. Hite 2015)
My Mongolian collaborator, Vanchigdash (Mongolian University of Science and Technology), and I will serve as field instructors, including participants as we conduct a bit of dissertation fieldwork in Ar Janchivlan Valley and leading our team through field research and educational settings in Khentii Province.

Tibetan inscription at the Rashaan Khad site in Khentii Province (photo: E. Platts, 2014)
As a real field team, we'll be living in rough conditions, traveling on bumpy back-country roads, and taking every opportunity to explore new sites, meet local people, and engage in once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Fun and games near the Bayan River, Khentii Province (photo: E. Platts 2014)
CSEN welcomes applicants of all ages and backgrounds, although those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, and prizes participants with willing spirits and open hearts above those with prior archaeological or field expedition experience.  The program is capped at 8 participants (not including staff and field instructors) to keep our team size manageable, our foot-print small, and our encounters friendly and personal.

Program map with key sites listed

You can find more information about the Ar Janchivlan Valley & Khentii Province program, including the application form and participant handbook, at the following sites:

The CSEN webpage:

The program listing on the Archaeological Institute of America's Archaeological Fieldwork Online Bulletin:

The CSEN Facebook page:

Vanchigdash surveys archaeological features in Ar Janchivlan Valley in early May (photo: E. Hite 2015)

Spread the word to friends, colleagues, and family who might want to get outside of their comfort zones this summer through an adventurous educational expedition.  We look forward to receiving your application and any questions at !

Sunset in late summer along the Khurkh River (photo: E. Platts, 2014)

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