Saturday, March 1, 2014

Out of hibernation

I can't believe my last post was in September! 

What month is it?!?

Apologies for the multi-month gap in posting.  Numerous issues kept me from regularly updating this site but the pay-off should be a series of interesting posts within a relatively short period of time.

Since this blog's last post was about a newly-acquired kitten, it's only right that the first update should be about him.

Julian is technically no longer a kitten.  But he is still my kitten!

Julian went from a starving, limping street kitten found freezing and screaming in a stairwell in Sansar district to feisty, athletic king of the castle in just a few months.  When deciding on a name, I was very aware that many (if not most) Mongolians dislike cats and that the Mongolians I know who own cats usually, although by no means exclusively, give them Western-style names (like Missy, Max, or Micky).  I went with 'Julian', which is appropriately glamorous.

Still glamorous 5 months later
He braved his vet visits gracefully, leaps effortlessly onto the highest surfaces in the apartment, and has disemboweled every toy he's ever received.  Due to his rough start in life, I don't think he'll ever grow to be particularly large or particularly fond of strangers.  He's my sweet boy, though, and he'll be coming to the US with me.

Stay tuned for more posts.  Happy Year of the Wooden Horse from Ulaanbaatar!

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